Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get this Baby Out of Me!

So I have 5 weeks to go and it is absolutely true that this is the most uncomfortable part of being pregnant. I would take morning sickness any day over heartburn, indegestion, swollen ankles, ect. I have to pee like every 5 minutes and I waddle around like an old lady recovering from hip replacement surgery. I can put every ounce of effort I have into looking decent, i.e. full makeup, hair did, cute outfit; and I still look like a bloated, swollen fat whale. It's very discouraging.

But I know every nightmare has an end. Not that being pregnant has been that bad, but I am so over it. I'm ready to meet my baby and hold him. It's so strange. I'm really excited about him, but I feel kind of disconnected from him because I haven't actually met him yet.

So Mama Mia and I took our last birthing class this week, and I'm really glad I took them. A lot of people say "Oh, you don't need to take birth classes. They are a waste of time." Screw that! At least now I know what to expect when I show up at the hospital and when I go into labor. We took a tour of the birthing center, I learned some breathing techniques, and it just made me a little more at ease about the whole process. Not that I won't go into total freak out mode when I actually go into labor. Hopefully I can remain calm, but that's what Mama Mia is for, right?

So with Christmas coming, I am going to be kept plenty busy before Skeletor arrives. Between the house, work, and Christmas festivities I will have no time to be nervous about meeting my little punk. I put up my tree today and started decorating. I usually go for a real tree, but this year I opted for a fake tree considering it would be nearly impossible for me to water a real tree. Plus this way I have it for the next couple of years for me and Skeletor. Daniela and I are going to be baking cookies within the next week for clients, friends, and family. I have shopping to do and hopefully will be booked up until the baby arrives. Like I said, no time for nerves to get the best of me!


  1. Get plenty of sleep before little man gets here. He will be so glad to be here he'll want to be with you all the time.

  2. You will do great girl! and yes, your mama by your side will be a great calming force. One of my best friends helped me a lot because she had done it several times, the labor part, and she was there a lot while I was in labor before they decided csection. Get rest when you can! It's a whole new world when your little man gets here!