Thursday, December 9, 2010

WTF Memory Book

Like every mother, I aim to keep track of Skeletor's every milestone throughtout his childhood years. My mother did for my sister and I with a memory book and a First Year Calendar. So I decided I needed these on my baby registry. Well apparently First Year Calendars are either extinct or you have search through hell and high water to find them. I did however find a cute memory book and one of my client's was kind enough to buy it for me as a baby gift.

So I received the memory book yesterday in the mail, and I was very disappointed when I discovered how much info was going to be left blank because the "Daddy" info won't be filled out. I would have to rip out at least 3 pages, and I really don't want to do that because I don't want to mess the book up.

All I have to say is when did the choice to be a single parent become a punishment? It is about to be 2011 people! Guess what? More than 1/4 of kids live in a single parent home. You would think that memory books would be more accomodating. I looked online for some that were more single-mom friendly, but apparently being a single parent isn't expensive enough without throwing in a $60 baby memory book. Are you kidding me?! And the ones I found were plain and boring.

All I want is a cute memory book that can satisfy my need to recored and organize my child's first milestones as they happen chronologically. I want somewhere to put his little hand prints, footprints, his first lock of hair, ect. Is that so much to ask for???

Alas, life is hard for single modern mama.

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  1. Definitely look into creative memories girl. and I know how you feel...which is why I went with the book with one page to omit...was in a crunch and wanted one for as soon as I went into the hospital...probably will revamp his when I should be pages about family, not specifically mommy or (blah) if you need another single mommy's ear...