Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eat Your Fruit and Veggies, Dear

I absolutely love the fact that the Baby Bible refers to your baby's weekly growth by comparing him to a fruit or vegetable. It makes it a little easier to visualize the actual size of your baby. Not to mention it gives produce shopping a whole new meaning. For example, today little Skeletor is making the transistion from cantaloupe to banana (don't ask me how that works exactly, I always thought a cantaloupe was bigger than a banana). So the other day at the grocery store, I caught myself staring at the melon display with a very uneasy look on my face. A cantaloupe is not that small people! It's a rather large fruit, and it's in me right now! I ended up buying bananas, but I doubt I will be eating any this week. Seems a little strange to eat produce that represents the size of your baby.

Once I get past this week, Skeletor will be on two week intervals for his fruit-veggie-comparison. I have included the link for those of you who are interested to see what produce I will be carrying in the future weeks to come. The website is and the chart is under pregnancy tools.

Today is the baby shower so I will have plenty to blog about and pics to include, and yes I will make sure there are some baby bump sitings as well. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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