Friday, August 13, 2010

What's In a Name?

I think the most difficult part of having a child is picking out a name. This act alone can affect your child for the rest of their life. According to "Naming your baby is one of the most important tasks you will undertake. The name is central to a child's earliest sense of identity...Settling for a name you are not 100% happy with may affect you and your child for a lifetime." No pressure or anything.

Needless to say I have been on the hunt for the perfect name for Little Skeletor (I have affectionately been refering to him as this). At first I thought, "How hard can a boy name be?" There aren't that many options that are original. However, once I started my research and began jotting down some options my list was about 20 names deep. Whoa. I prefer names that are classic, somewhat vintage. But still modern and very hip sounding for a child. I want my son to have a name that he can grow old with. As an individual with a very different name, I appreciate the fact that my parents stepped out of the box. I admit, I didn't really like it when I was little, but I'm glad I don't have the same name as a million other girls my age. So I have made about 3 lists each one containing sub-categories: first and middle names. (For those of you who read my sister's blog will see the similarity between us with our obsessive compulsive need for lists, organization, and research) By doing this, I have been able to begin narrowing down my choices because I seem to have some of the same names on each list. The problem is that a new name will pop into my head and then I have to add it to my list. It is quite possibly the hardest decision to make.

What if I choose the wrong name?

What if the name I choose does not fit my child in any way whatsoever??

What if he grows up to resent me and the name I picked for him???

What if people make fun of him????... Okay mama needs to step away from name lists...

I do however think that I will keep the name a secret. I don't really want input from every other person for what I should and shouldn't name my child. I appreciate any advice though. Plus I will totally enjoy making people squirm knowing that they are dying to know the name.

Good Luck guessing suckas!

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  1. I found a name that wasn't common in his age group though two teachers at the school have hubby's with the name. I went through the popular name lists and looked for ones not at the top...I didn't want a name that would be called in class and 3 other kids answered too. I also liked it because it fit a child and an adult.
    I took into consideration the meanings and his name Grant Gabriel means "little warrior" "angel" from the lists I used 2 years ago. And he is...a complete angel that can stand strong against others...
    You will know the right name in your heart because you are now and forever will be the closest to your baby...