Friday, August 6, 2010

Boy oh Boy!

That's right ladies and gentlemen: Mama's having a boy! So I thought I would be disappointed because I really wanted a little girl, but I'm not disappointed at all. Now I'm really pregnant. Now it's real. And now I get to shop! I've already started looking at some stuff and it's a little frustrating. Most of the clothing I have looked at has something about "Daddy" on it. Not buying that!!! Or it has cutsie stuff that I just am not into. So the internet hunt has began. My child will not look like a smurf puked up it's smurf berry juice all over him! (It's so weird to refer to the baby as "him" now!)

Baby Daddy attended the appointment with me on Wednesday. It was kept civil, thankfully. While he did annoy me with his references to his other children and his ex-wife's pregnancy, I took the high road and ignored his comments. He seemed happy during the ultrasound when we got to see the baby, but once the appointment was over we went our separate ways. We didn't get a chance to discuss finances for the baby, so we shall see how civil he will remain after that conversation.

Mama Mia and I started my registery on Wednesday also. It is soooo overwhelming to pick out baby stuff! There are like 6 different bottle brands, pacifiers, nipples, ect. I have no idea if what I picked out is the right stuff or not. But then again, is any specific brand better than the other? Honestly, I will be happy with whatever I receive at my baby showers because I can never make a decision.

Sorry to keep this blog so short, but I'm cooking dinner and it's time for Mama to eat!

Have a great week all!

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  1. Yes it was over whelming looking at all the stuff. Didn't know that you needed all that stuff to have a baby. But isn't it nice to have a boy? Can't wait.