Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ever Growing Belly, Ladies & Gentlemen

I swear everyday when I wake up my belly continues to grow and grow and grow!!! I get up out of bed and I can literally feel my skin stretching. It is sooo weird. Needless to say I have taken stock in Nivea body lotion and Mama's Toning Oil. I refuse to have bad stretch marks or cellulite as a result of Skeletor. This is my daily mantra and oath to my former body. I will succeed!!!

Skeletor has also been very active in the past week. He has been kicking up a storm and rolling around in there so much. It is the strangest feeling and it is really difficult to describe. When he kicks it feels like a cross between a muscle spasm and popcorn popping. The other night I had my hand on my stomach and all of a sudden it jumped. He kicked the hell out of me! The left side seem to be his favorite. Sometimes when he shifts sides I can feel him roll through. That is the strangest feeling because the front of my abdomen all of sudden gets really tight and then it's normal again. I feel like the zombie chick in Dawn of the Dead right before she gives birth. Hopefully my little zombie doesn't want to eat the delivering doctor's brains.

Sorry to keep it short today, but I have to get moving so I can feel some movement from him tonight!

Have a great day!

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