Friday, September 24, 2010

Ballroom Blitz

First off let me apologize for the extremely depressing blog that preceded this one. My hormones have been getting the best of me lately, and it's been a little hard to deal with all my emotions. I'm trying to get through everything by keeping my mind focused on Skeletor and our impending future.

One thing that has distracted me has been the constant movement that Skeletor has been doing inside my belly. It is soooo weird!! I cannot believe that their is another human being inside of me right now. It keeps becoming more and more real everytime he kicks me, everytime he switches sides, and everytime i see my belly move. He has been all over the place this past week. It's like he doesn't have enough room inside me, and he is constantly trying to stretch out. For all I know he could be doing laps inside there...although like I said before there probably isn't enough room for that.

I'm going on 26 weeks which means (and I'm hoping) only 11 to 13 weeks left. Damn it's going by fast! To think my little zombie will be here that soon...OH MY GOD! That's so close. Am I ready? Do I have everything I need to be prepared for a baby? Am I going to be a good mama? What if I have a mental meltdown when he gets here? Stop....relax and breathe.

The "Baby Bible" has begun to give advice on labor and birthing classes. I tried to read ahead so I could get informed, but I realized that I am NOT ready for that information. I made the mistake of watching a live birth on YouTube the other day. A little friendly advice: DO NOT WATCH!!! I don't know what I was thinking. I think I'm better off just reading up on the info instead of viewing what my body is going to go through.

Well, the next couple of weeks should be interesting!

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