Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't Be Cruel

For those of you who know me, I have struggled with my weight throughout the years. Before I got pregnant, I had reached a weight that I was very happy and healthy with. I worked out, ate healthy, was a vegetarian, and was very proud of my weight. My family health history is not the greatest, so I wanted to get a hold on any issues that may affect me in the future. For someone this weight conscious, gaining pregnancy weight has been a little hard. I still eat healthy and work out, but it is still a struggle for me. The cravings that I have are hard to deal with especially when it is not something I would usually eat. So needless to say gaining weight is not something that comes easily to me.

So I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday with the horrible Dr. Vogel. Let me make a declaration: I HATE DR. VOGEL!!!!!

He is a nasty and vile man! Not only was his bedside manner very stale and abrupt, but he proceeded to tell me I was overweight. I admit, I have gained 10 lbs. in one month which was shocking to me when I got on the scale. How did this happen? I hardly eat enough for me let alone for the baby too! I may indulge once a week on a sweet or something, but I do not eat fast food and I make smart choices when it comes to my food. So when he saw my weight gain he automatically assumed that i gorge on burgers, fries, cake, ect. I tried to tell him that if anything I've been concerned about not eating enough, but I got the sense that he didn't believe me. Apparently I was overweight at my last appointment too, even though the other doctor said I was right where I needed to be weight-wise. I wanted to claw Dr. Vogel's eyes out! I don't think I would have been so annoyed if he had also been a little more helpful. He didn't make any suggestions about what I need to be doing to keep a healthy weight or managing my weight. As a health professional, I would have hoped for a little more advice and a little less criticism. Needless to say, I really hope that Dr. Vogel will not be delivering my baby!

On the upside, Skeletor is doing well. Moving around a lot and keeping his mama on her toes with his kicking and jabbing. My glucose test went well also, so no gestational diabetes to worry about. The next visit I get to have another ultrasound, so I'm really excited! Next week I'm off to Providence to visit Auntie Meg and the F.B.I.L. and I'm so looking forward to it. Can't wait to have some fall weather!


  1. I hate him too. I will kick him in the shins if I see him walking down the street! Love you sisterbear, don't let the Vogel get you down.

  2. Girls! Girls! Where did you get this mean streak from. Not ME! Maybe Auntie M?? But I agree. don't let the mean doctor ruin this wonderful experience. You look great! Besides I gained 40 pounds plus wih you.

  3. OMG! ask him to carry a bowling ball in his gut and see if he doesn't gain a few pounds....besides It is good weight!! You will have a healthy bouncing baby boy---don't want no scrawny baby!!! You look wonderful and tell him to kiss your booty!!

  4. Men should NEVER be allowed to be tell pregnant women they are overweight! What right do they have to say such things? Where did he get his PhD? Some second rate school like CAROLINA? (Had to throw that in for The Great Auntie M) :) When have they ever been carrying a child within them??? NOT NEVA.... screw Dr Vogel. I think you look great Dara....enjoy a craving or two...its good for you. You are healthier than 90% of non-pregnant women...