Friday, June 18, 2010

And the Cravings Begin

I haven't had many cravings so far because I'm always sick to my tummy, but boy are they kicking in at full force. For example, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I wanted to eat Thanksgiving food. So Sunday we will be having a little Thanksgiving dinner of our own. Is it sad that I'm super stoked about this? I just hope I continue to be stoked. Ususally if I have a craving, it sounds like a great idea. But once i have said craving in front of me...not so much anymore. It's very frustrating! Other than the Thanksgiving food, my Top 3 cravings are as follows: any type of comfort food, seafood (preferably fried or broiled), and mac & cheese.
THESE ARE NOT HEALTHY CRAVINGS!!!!! So if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do about finding healthier alternatives to these cravings, I would be deeply appreciative. Thank goodness my energy is going back up 'cause this mama will definately be at the gym if she eats any of the above!

Happy Eating!

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