Monday, June 21, 2010

Mama's Going to Cali, Ya'll!

Yep, that's right folks...this little mama is going out West. I can't wait to see Nikki and Jeff, eat some good food, shop, and see how the other coast lives. Nikki works a prenatal clinic which is another plus because they offer prenatal yoga, massage, and accupuncture. Bring on the zen! Bring on the rubs! Bring on the needles? Although I heard that accupuncture will help with the nausea. So I'm preparing for my flight today and tomorrow. Being the "List Master," I have several made to help me in my packing and travel preparation. I have one for my suitcase, one for what I need to buy for the trip, and one for my carry on. Baby Daddy took me to Barnes & Noble last night and bought me a new planner and a book to read on the plane. I selected Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-Be, a humorous memoir about a woman who becomes pregnant unexpectedly, and how pregnancy affects her social, personal, and professional life (sound familiar?) I feel like I can totally relate to this woman. I'm pretty sure I will have it finished by the time I get back to NC. I will let you know the verdict on the book.
What I'm really hoping for from this little vacay is to totally relax and just forget about all the stress in my life. Nikki has that effect on me. I feel like San Francisco will allow me to mellow out and come back in a zen like state.

Back to the packing!!

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