Friday, June 25, 2010

Trapped on a Plane in Dallas

(This was written while on the plane last night, but I thought I would share it with you today)

For the love of God I want off of this plane!  So far my trip to SF has been an adventure to say the least.  My flight from Raleigh to Dallas was delayed because people who decided to carry on obviously do not know what constitutes as a carry on.  Therefore we had to wait while their luggage was checked.  And now at the moment I'm stuck on a plane in Dallas.  As of now I have been sitting in this seat for over 2 hours!!!  It's uncomfortable enough for a normal person to be on a plane for that long but try it when you are pregnant!  I'm at the point too where pants and yes, even legging are a little snug on my belly.  My back hurts, I'm tired, and I've finished the book I bought for this trip.  I NEED A COCKTAIL!!!!  But I can't even have that.  Instead I get an oats and honey granola bar handed to me for my troubles...gee thanks a lot!

*****After Note****
   I finally landed in SF around 145 am west coast time.  I essentially traveled for 24 hours yesterday...Thankfully Nikki had ginger tea and soup for me to enjoy before sleeping like the dead.

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