Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where the Hell Did That Come From?!

Overnight came from nowhere. One day I had a flat stomach that I worked my ass off for and BOOM! there is a slightly rounded bump. Ok, it's not's a pretty decent size. At first I thought is was just bloatedness from the Taco Bell (yeah, yeah I know but don't judge me) I ate two nights ago, but yesterday when I stood up it was hard as a rock. That's not gas, that's a baby. Needless to say Modern Mama has been looking into more maternity bottoms.

Back to the Taco Bell comment from above. Lately, since my appetite has picked up, I have noticed that whenever someone talks about a particular food or brings it around me, I start to crave it. Scratch that, I NEED it! Case in point, Tuesday night at work I had like three different conversations with people where they were talking about pizza. Now I had already packed my yummy healthy dinner of baked chicken, green beans, and home made mac-&-cheese (thank you mama for the recipe). But that looked like dog food compared to the deliciousness of gooey cheese, garlicky crust, and delightful mushrooms. I ate my healthy dinner, but I ate it for lunch. And since the little bugger inside burns everything I eat off so quickly, I was starving when I got home. So what did I do? Your damn right....I ordered pizza. It was delicious until my stomach began to hurt. I remembered why I don't usually eat pizza, the cheese makes my tummy hurt. Same thing with Taco Bell. My friend had it the other night, and I immediately felt that it was something I had to have. No more I tell you! I don't want to hear anymore about what people are eating!!! I must remain healthy...I mean I hate fast food. But apparently my baby thinks it scrumptious.

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